Marketing fail

This Epic Marketing FAIL Will Save Your Business

By Rachael Kay Albers / October 23, 2019 /

I’M A FAILURE! There, I said it. And I’m proud. Hang this blog on the fridge, Mom. I’m failing at a high level because I know what’s good for me.  Last night, I was editing this Awkward Marketing episode (that I shot last month) and it was like a love letter from my former self.…

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How much money I make

How Much Money I REALLY Made When I Started My Business

By Rachael Kay Albers / October 21, 2019 /

When I launched my business, I made so little money the IRS called me to say, “Hey, hon. You ok? Need anything…? Like, maybe, a REAL JOB?”  Funny, that’s also what my mom said while she wept over the student loan “reminders” she saw stacked on my counter.  AND THEN I LEARNED THIS ONE SECRET…

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Ron Tite Think Do Say Awkward Marketing Interview

#AwkTalk Interview with Ron Tite on Think Do Say

By Rachael Kay Albers / October 10, 2019 /

You get a LinkedIn notification from an overeager new connection named Dave. He wants to talk. You feel flattered. Until he smacks ya across with the face with a pitch slap you should’ve seen coming. No wonder we have trust issues. EVERYONE AND THEIR PET CHINCHILLA HAS SOMETHING TO SELL THESE DAYS. Your sister’s goofy…

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Before You Rebrand Your Business, Watch This

By Rachael Kay Albers / September 26, 2019 /

If you haven’t sobbed over your keyboard mid re-brand, ARE YA REALLY DIGGING DEEP ENOUGH? Branding is sexy on the surface. Oooh! Fonts, colors, mooooood boards! So you barrel into a rebrand ready to luxuriate in the Pinspiration of it all and a month later, you’re dry heaving into a plastic bag, having an existential…

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Scream viral gif

How I Got 9.5+ Million Views Overnight (And Why “Viral” Is Overrated)

By Rachael Kay Albers / August 30, 2019 /

How did I get 9.5 million views overnight? Short answer: no earthly idea. ??? I like to say, “The content you create today is a gift you give your future self.” BUT YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN THAT GIFT IS GOING TO ARRIVE. Maybe it’ll be a random Thursday night, 10 months after you publish something, when you get a…

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Results Not Typical? How to Get More Than Three Commas

By Rachael Kay Albers / August 5, 2019 /

Y’ALL I FIGURED IT OUT. What if I told you that you could join the 3 Comma Club THIS YEAR if you were simply willing do the following:  Re-mortgage your house (Or just sell the damn thing and move into your Dad’s basement. It has a wet bar!!!) Never see your kids because MOMMY’S HUSTLING,…

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