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The antidote to slides that make you squint and those post-lunch Zzzs

Bring a fresh, funny take on branding, marketing, and content to your next event. Based in Chicago, the capital of advertising and comedy, Rachael Kay Albers delivers keynotes and workshops that promise to wake up any room (even when those afternoon nap vibes set in) with actionable takeaways and lightbulb moments that resonate long after she leaves the stage.

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”Rachael is one of the most engaging speakers I’ve ever seen.

Her content is fresh. Her delivery is the perfect blend of humor, insight, and applicable tips. I found myself laughing, clapping, and then taking major notes to apply to my business.”

Mike Ganino

Communications Advisor & Executive Producer of TEDxCambridge
ashleyquinto powell

”Rachael was STUPENDOUS!

I hired Rachael for a virtual meeting of high powered women. I was so excited that she could relate to the audience because she is successful and high achieving herself. 

She crushed it. CRUSHED IT!

The event was virtual, but she brought infectious energy and there was never a dull moment. She was relevant, relatable, and completely hilarious. I would highly recommend you hire her for everything.”

Ashley Quinto Powell

Revenue Consultant and president of the dames Chicago
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