Whoops! I left my

get rich quick

scheme in my other purse

Boss Bish Barbie - Rachael Kay Albers

There are 4 ways to work with me:

Door #1.
Take a workshop

My live workshops are the most fun you'll have on the clock. Get unforgettable, have fun, and build a viral-ready body of work with your favorite wild card creative director and brand strategist gone wild. (That's me!)

Door #2.
Book a session

Your brand has my attention. Now, let's work on the rest of the world while we're at it! Get expert marketing support in a bite-sized format. My unforgettability sessions come in pairs. As delightful as a Twix bar, but way less gooey.

Door #3.
Reinvent your brand

My creative agency, RKA INK, is the reinvention studio for businesses that burn the rulebook. Just call me the rebrand whisperer. My process blends strategy, messaging, and design to make you the talk of the town (also, the Internet).

Door #4. Want some RKA IRL?

I also offer private 1:1 retreats at my Home Office palace


2-day branding & marketing retreats for entrepreneurs who don't just think outside the box — they set fire to it! Your big ideas meet my bold vision for branding that puts you on the map. Let's work together on building a brand that houses your passions and makes space for you to do your best work. Come to the Home Office Palace and I'll give you the royal treatment.