Whoops! I left my

get rich quick

scheme in my other purse


RKA, did you just launch a new website with no way to take my money?

And you call yourself a marketer?

Yes and I look damn good doing it, don’t you agree?

Look, a website has many important jobs but sales is hogging the spotlight.


Seen one “Buy now!” button, seen ‘em all.

Today, my website simply wants to tell you a story. Make you laugh. Ask you to question your assumptions.

Don’t worry, I’ll give you plenty of good reasons to throw money at me down the line. (And if you insist, you can hire my agency for creative direction or book me to speak at your next event.)

But if you do just one thing on this website today, I’d love if it were this:

Get unforgettable

I have no freebie to tempt you with.

No automated email sequence to whisper sweet nothings into your inbox late at night.

Here’s what I do have: a hilarious show on how to market with integrity, sell your services & products successfully, and still not take yourself too seriously. Join me?