In a world where

content is queen

I'll help you

claim your crown


Getting “noticed” is for the plebes. You’re here to be notorious.

You’re not a passing fad, and now everyone’s gonna know it.

While other entrepreneurs come and go, you want to grow.

The golden key to lasting success? Leveraging the unexpected so they’ll never (ever) forget your name.

Hey! I'm RKA

and bold is in my blood

Since the dawn of time, I’ve known that playing by someone else’s rules is the best way to lose.

And that falling out of line makes the biggest difference between begging for attention — and fans beating down your door.

In order to “make it,” with my online business, I had to do it my way.

As it turns out, my way looks a lot like marrying my husband every day for a year. (Jimmy Fallon loved it.)

It looks like 1.4 Billion GIF views, 156 characters and counting, and the edutaining Awkward Marketing show.

My way is calling out the industry B.S. so that we can all build better businesses. It’s a heaping mountain of permissions slips that say to forge your own playbook & never look back.

And this can be your way, too.


After all...

When you go bold, they get sold.


I know because unleashing myself on the world is what made my creative agency RKA ink so damn successful for the last 11 years.

I got sick of waiting for someone to offer me a “place at the table” so I built my own table, climbed on top, and danced like someone was watching…until they did.

And I just can’t save my best stuff for my 1:1 clients anymore. Which is why I’m here, waving my wand (see above) like your foul-mouthed fairy brandmother who believes in you, dammit!

Stop waiting for an opening and make your own.

Get unforgettable

I have no freebie to tempt you with.

No automated email sequence to whisper sweet nothings into your inbox late at night.

Here’s what I do have: a hilarious show on how to market with integrity, sell your services & products successfully, and still not take yourself too seriously. Join me?