Why Are There No Boy Bosses?

By Rachael Kay Albers / February 6, 2020 /

Barack Obama is such a boy boss. Prince Harry? What a brave dadpreneur. Let’s do an experiment: I want you to refer to your male colleagues, managers, and the entrepreneur men you know —hell, any man with a job—as “boy bosses” for the next week and see how it goes. OMG. SOMEONE GIVE ME AN…

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Three Comma Club

How I Joined The Three Comma Club

By Rachael Kay Albers / January 16, 2020 /

Super proud to say I joined The Three Comma Club in 2019. And I’m spilling my secrets in this episode of Awkward Marketing. What would YOU do for The Three Comma Club? (This is like the Gary Vee equivalent of a Klondike bar.) Would ya… Re-mortgage your house (Or just sell the damn thing and…

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#AwkTalk Interview with Jon Snow, Tarzan Kay, and Sage Polaris

By Rachael Kay Albers / January 8, 2020 /

Winter is coming, er, here. How did Tarzan Kay build a thriving online empire with a small, mighty list? Why is Sage Polaris called “The Launch Slayer”? WHAT IS NAKED NETWORKING?!? Andddd why is Jon Snow involved? The first #AwkTalk of 2020 is here and it’s a threesome. Tarzan and Sage sat down with the…

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Message from the future: have fun now from post on jobs I left behind

Thank You and Merry Christmas, Jobs I Left Behind

By Rachael Kay Albers / December 14, 2019 /

I LOVE this annoying Christmas song (don’t @ me). I put myself through college selling engagement rings. Little known fact: I’M A CERTIFIED DIAMONTOLOGIST. Yes, that’s a real thing. I took months of classes on the four Cs to be able to cite this fun fact in emails and website About Mes. This is where…

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Marie Forleo interview Everything Is Figureoutable

When Marie Forleo, TEDx, and SXSW Said No: Is Everything Really Figureoutable?

By Rachael Kay Albers / December 4, 2019 /

Marie Forleo. TEDx. South by Southwest. They all told me no. Is everything REALLY figureoutable? Back in June, I pitched Marie Forleo on an interview (watch the video below to see my failed pitch video and what I did in response). That same week, I got a no from TEDx. And then a few weeks…

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11 Entrepreneur Black Friday Deals

11 Black Friday Deals for Entrepreneurs

By Rachael Kay Albers / November 29, 2019 /

As a follower of the Church of Stop Shopping, I’ve observed “Buy Nothing Day” on Black Friday for the last 10 years. With one exception: Supporting entrepreneurs and small businesses while buying digital products with a small (or invisible) consumer footprint.  Black Friday is known as an opportunity to amass a new collection of beeping,…

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