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Together we will change the world

The 4 People Who Will Change The World (Which One Are You?)

There are 4 types of change makers and we need them all. Are you the reformer, the fire starter, the innovator, or the bridge builder?

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The ethical problem with "scaling" your business model - Rachael Kay Albers

7-Figure Launch Secrets and The Ethical Problem with “Scaling” Your Business Model

Some businesses have no business being “scaled.” Learn the 7 secrets to a 7-figure launch and why the “dream” of passive income might be a nightmare.

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How to be an overnight success - Brad Brosakis, Rachael Kay Albers

How To Be An Overnight Success (No, Really!)

Behind every business coach coaching coaches, there is one secret they’re not telling you about how to be an overnight success.

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The Marketing Muckraker newspaper Rachael Kay ALbers

What’s a Muckraker? And Why Does Marketing Need More?

You don’t need to be a journalist to be a muckraker anymore. You simply must have an eye for social and economic injustices and a willingness to rake the muck to find the truth, which is a fancy way of saying “shit stirring.” Marketing needs activists now more than ever. Marketing needs muckrakers.

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White hands holding coffee to-go cup that with skull logo that reads "Feel good easy answers"

If Capitalism Can’t Solve It, What Will?

When you bake down an idea to become bite-sized, you’re left with easy-to-swallow strategies, not for solving problems, but living with them.

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Collage of torn items atop Ronald McDonald graffiti - "BUY" neon sign, Everything is Figureoutable signage from Marie Forleo's Hammerstein Ballroom event, religious cross in cloudy sky, Hammerstein ballroom during Everything is Figureoutable event

“I Hate Marketing” and Other Lies We Tell Ourselves

When entrepreneurs say, “I hate marketing,” what we really mean is, “I hate the system forcing me to act like an evangelist for my own cult of personality.”

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Man walks in front of propaganda posters that say "Big Brother Is Watching You" with Jeff Bezos's face

How To Lose Friends & Alienate People: Betraying Your Audience Is The New “Brand Loyalty”

Brand culture, as we know it today, owes its existence to WWI propaganda. What if “brand loyalty” is authoritarianism in StoryBrand clothing?

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The cast of the Netflix disaster movie "Don't Look Up," Mark Rylance, Meryl Streep, Jonah Hill, Cate Blanchett, Tyler Perry, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence

The Real Villain in “Don’t Look Up” (It’s Not Who You Think)

The reviews of “Don’t Look Up,” repeat again and again how “the people who really need to see this movie, won’t watch it” but I disagree.

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Santa, Patron Saint of Capitalism: Jeff Bezos in Santa Suit in private jet

Is Santa the Patron Saint of Capitalism?

I can pinpoint the exact moment in my childhood when Christmas lost its magic. It’s why they call Santa “the Patron Saint of Capitalism.”

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Keanu Reeves in front of wall of screens with his face: deepfake apologist?

Deepfakes Are Coming To A Funnel Near You

Settle a bet for me. Is this interview with Keanu Reeves talking about deepfakes a deepfake? Or, should I say “synthetic media”? (The feel good term.)

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