Ready to Leave Social Media? Try This First

FOMO vs. SMF: Which one do you have?

Symptoms of Social Media FOMO include worrying that you’ll lose clients if you’re not on every social platform, opening up accounts everywhere, and trying to automate your way to more followers.

Symptoms of SMF, or, Social Media Fatigue: Garbage content and long-winded rants to your friends and followers about why Facebook sucks and you’re leaving forever while never, in fact, leaving.

Know the signs.

What if I told you that the cure for FOMO and SMF waaaaas to leave social media? Well, kinda. ?

In this episode of Awkward Marketing, I take on how to beat social FOMO, recover from SMF, and approach social media in a way that makes sense for your biz without making ya nuts.

Rachael Kay Albers

I'm the Creative Director and Lead Designer at RKA ink, a brand, web design, and marketing agency for visionary entrepreneurs. I'm also a business comedian and the host of Awkward Marketing, a show that blends sketch comedy and bite sized biz advice to help small business owners create epic, unforgettable brands online. Think of me as the one woman SNL of biz TV. After 10+ years living, traveling, and coding in Australia, Germany, Guatemala, Kenya, and Mexico, today I'm based outside Chicago with my husband, daughter, our two troublemaking dogs, and a bunch of old computer cords we're afraid to throw away. (You never know!)