Awkward Marketing

MLMs - the dick pics of online marketing - LulaRoe / LulaRich parody

Are MLMs The Dick Pics of Online Marketing?

MLM messages are often called “dichard” pics of online marketing. But you’re not a network marketer, so you don’t have to worry, right? Not so fast…

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girl boss yellow hat eiffel tower laughing with salad

Every Life Coach Website Ever: “GET UNSTUCK OR I WILL CUT YOU!”

Open letter to all life coach websites that start with: Hey I’m [ WHO CARES ] and I help [ PATRONIZING NICKNAME FOR WOMEN WHO…

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Easter Bunny Santa Tooth Fairy, Awkward Marketing

Santa, Fire Your Copywriter!

The man in red is in trouble. Santa hired a “clever” copywriter to spruce up his website in time for the upcoming holiday season. Y’all,…

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Talking hamburger Awkward Marketing

The Worst Email To Send Your Customers

What if, instead of all the “Now more than ever” COVID ads with piano soundtracks, sepia filters, and hopeful lens flares… Big box advertisers just…

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The Power of Vulnerability to Make You Rich and Famous

What if Mr. Clean, The Energizer Bunny, and Ronald McDonald all embraced the cash cow that is #VULNERABILITY? What are they waiting for?
 Hell, forget…

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Why Are There No Boy Bosses?

Barack Obama is such a boy boss. Prince Harry? What a brave dadpreneur. Let’s do an experiment: I want you to refer to your male…

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Three Comma Club

How I Joined The Three Comma Club

Super proud to say I joined The Three Comma Club in 2019. And I’m spilling my secrets in this episode of Awkward Marketing. What would…

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Marie Forleo interview Everything Is Figureoutable

When Marie Forleo, TEDx, and SXSW Said No: Is Everything Really Figureoutable?

Marie Forleo. TEDx. South by Southwest. They all told me no. Is everything REALLY figureoutable? Back in June, I pitched Marie Forleo on an interview…

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Marketing fail

This Epic Marketing FAIL Will Save Your Business

I’M A FAILURE! There, I said it. And I’m proud. Hang this blog on the fridge, Mom. I’m failing at a high level because I…

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Before You Rebrand Your Business, Watch This

If you haven’t sobbed over your keyboard mid re-brand, ARE YA REALLY DIGGING DEEP ENOUGH? Branding is sexy on the surface. Oooh! Fonts, colors, mooooood…

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