5 Hacks to Turning Sales Calls Into Sales

If Lamb Chop made a show about business, the opening song would be “The Call That Never Ends.”

You know what I’m talking about — sales calls that go onnnnnnn and onnnnnnn, just so the prospect can say,

So, what’s the price? I have to be honest, I’m not looking to spend more than $50 and if you really impress me, maybe I’ll throw in this Bed Bath &  Beyond coupon I have on top of the fridge.”

If you’ve ever been on one of these calls or, worse yet, the case of The Disgruntled Customer who just wants to use your sales call to tell you all the ways she’s been burned before by others who do your job worse than you — and THEN ask you for a discount to compensate for it — I’ve got a solution that doesn’t include swearing off sales calls forever.

There is a better way.

In this episode of Awkward Marketing, I’ve got 5 hacks for turning more sales calls into actual sales.

And the good news is — most of these hacks happen before you EVER get on the phone with someone. (For best results, combine with the Awkward Marketing episode on How to Avoid Clients From Hell.)

If sales calls make you wanna puke/cry/quit your biz and surrender to cubicle life, give me a chance to change your tune AND increase your close rate.

Grab my Sales Call Success Kit and kiss sucky, neverending sales calls goodbye:

Rachael Kay Albers

Rachael Kay Albers is a creative director, business comedian, and brand strategist gone wild. She writes and performs about branding, pop culture, tech, and identity. When she’s not muckraking about marketing, Rachael runs RKA ink, a reinvention studio and branding agency for businesses that burn the rulebook. She's also on Instagram a lot.