Your Copywriter’s #1 Job + My 33 Favorite Copywriters to Hire Now

But, would I really say it like that?”

The #1 question NOT to ask yourself when receiving content from your copywriter.

(The answer, by the way, is NO! You would NOT say it like that — that’s why you hired a copywriter! To say it better than you’d say it yourself!)

Your copywriter’s most important job is NOT to capture (or imitate) your “brand voice.”

What SHOULD your copywriter do? (And how can you make sure they still nail your personality?)

Well, you’ll just have to catch my latest episode for that.

Watch this episode of Awkward Marketing for the 3 ways to ensure your copywriting projects are successful.

Ready to nail your messaging?

Here are 33 amazing copywriters to hire write now:

Jenn Whinnem, Obsession Eleven

I’m obsessed with Jenn – and that’s no accident. It’s kinda what she does. Check out her hilarious hot dog blog. Only Jenn can blog about hot dogs in such a way that you want to simultaneously hire her and buy her dinner. Want eyes on your copy before you take the plunge with a copywriter? Start with an Obsession Session: Jenn will crank up your copy to an eleven in a half hour. Hot dog!

Natalie Taylor, The Missing Ink

Natalie loves sales copy like some people love wine or coffee. (And like a wine snob, she knows way too much about conversions.) Check out her post on how to start writing the sales page for your online course. Then, check your bank account. (You’re rich!)

Marietta Gentles Crawford, Mari Brands For You

Marietta is a copywriter who knows PR so working with her is like getting two experts to elevate your brand. She’s also the author of Nine to Thrive: a guide to building your personal brand.

Chanteuse Marie, The Launch Copywriter

Chanteuse is a launch copywriter and a hilarious human being. She writes about launches in a way we can all understand (through funny pop culture references, duh!) Check out FunnelFlix: email funnel maps showing you exactly what the big dogs are doing with their launches and how you can follow suit!

Laura Belgray, Talking Shrimp

Laura’s emails are the reason I get up in the morning. And if you’re not following her on Instagram, what are you doing with your life?! You can hire Laura to write copy better than sex or let her teach you how to do it yourself in The Copy Cure, her course with Marie Forleo.

Caroline Mays, Switchblade Lemonade

Caroline is all about that bio. The About Page is one of the most highly trafficked pages on any website. Is yours living up to the hype? (Probs not. Hire Caroline.) She’ll create a bio so good, it could be a movie. Watch hers — the one that Ash Ambirge of The Middle Finger Project raved about — right here.

Jacqueline Fisch

Jacq will teach you how to sound human in your copy. She’s the queen of unfussy, uncensored, relateable copy. Work with her or write with her – she hosts the Write Like a MOFO community: the place to go if you want to get shit done and, well, write like a mofo.

Karine Bengualid, The Letter K

Karine is the expert on bringing fun into your boring B2B business. (And rumor has it, she has a few puppets of her own. I think our puppets need to get cocktails.) What’s fun got to do with it? Here’s your answer.

Amber Brooks

Amber is a copywriter who specializes in brand voice, so she might take umbrage at being listed in this post. (But I know you know what I’m going for here, girl!) Check out her free email scripts you can use to create sales —> onboarding workflows that work.

Michal Eiskowitz

Michal’s website for president. (Seriously, this thing is gorgeous and so clickable, y’all.) Michal will turn your website into a 24/7/365 salesperson so you can stop working weekends and start bringing in leads who are as in love with your dot com as I am with hers.

Jess Manuszak, Verve & Vigour

Who writes copy for Emily McDowell, Acuity, and Nike? Jess Manuszak, that’s who. Oh and the girl gives good Insta. Check out her Instagram campaigns for Emily McDowell.

Kirsty Fanton

Kirsty is an email copywriter with a picture of a pug in a banana costume on her homepage, so you kinda have to hire her, right? Full disclosure: Kirsty wrote me the best cold pitch email I have ever laid eyes on. In a world of spam, Kirsty’s emails are prime rib. Know her, love her.

Sasha Allenby, Equality Hive

Sasha is a copywriter focused on social impact. Not only can she write your website copy, she’ll help you write your next world changing book. Check out her book Catalyst: Speaking, Writing, and Leading for Social Evolution.

Jen Wainwright O’Deay, Feel These Words

If I’m crying on Insta, it’s probably because I’m reading Jen’s beautiful posts. Jen writes with feeling because she knows that’s what good copy is about: making your audience feel something. (Oh, and buy something. That’s always good.)

Emily Matras, Bon Vivant Copy

Emily is a copywriter that specializes in travel companies. Are you a travel agent? You better sign up for Emily’s emails because she is going to book you solid. Check out her post on The Big Fat Travel Agent Website Lie. (And ooh and ahh over her site because it’s an RKA masterpiece!)

Justin Blackman, Pretty Fly Copywriting

Justin can make anything funny, even opt-in buttons. (Don’t believe me? Go have a giggle on his website. You’ll thank me.) And he also writes a mean Facebook ad. No extra charge for the mega conversions his copy commands! Check out The Headline Project and then beg him to add you to his client list.

Sarah Grear

Sarah’s got your next launch on lock. Ad copy? Check. Email copy? Check. Sales page? Check. So many leads you don’t know what to do with ’em all? Check. Take a peek at her 19 Launch Coaches to Watch in 2019 list.

Suzanne Hoare, Captivation House

Suzanne doesn’t write copy, she creates brands that feel like home. Speaking of, check out her online home because it’s an absolute masterpiece and a course on Captivation 101. Marry me, Suzanne’s website. Beto will understand.

Brittany Berger

Brittany will help you create less content and make a bigger impact. (Yes, please!) Hire her to get off the content treadmill, repurpose your best stuff, and walk away with a content marketing plan that doesn’t have you writing into the wee hours of the morning.

Kim Healy, Brainstorming the Castle

Kim will put your interior design biz on the map. Kim specializes in creative businesses, with a flair for the world of blueprints and fancy curtains. (That’s what interior designers do, right?!) Oh, and she wrote a post on marketing wisdom gleaned from The Piña Colada Song, so she’s good people.

Megan Dowd, Megan Has Good Words

Megan tells a damn good story. And she’ll show you how to do the same. Megan’s thing is narrative strategy for womxn and non-binary entrepreneurs. In other words, she’ll help you refine the story you’re telling (from your Facebook posts to your emails) about what it’s like to work with you. Follow her Instagram stories and watch out for her Spicy Soapbox series.

Sheila Streetman and Heather Villa, A Lemon’s Wish

Two writers with eyes on your copy? Sheila and Heather are a sister act that know how to squeeze every last drop of sales from your copy. Grab a cup of their Lemony Fresh Aid – a full copywriting audit of your website and how you can juice it up.

Megan Winkler

Megan is a copywriter who knows marketing. (And she’ll take yours off your plate!) Megan handles all your writing — social media, emails, ads, website copy — so you can focus on doing what you do best. And she looks great in a cowboy hat!

Michele Kelly, K+L Storytellers

Michele will turn your audience into believers. She brings storytelling into the world of B2B copywriting and corporate communications. (God knows they need it!) And in her free time, Michele teaches middle schoolers how to use story to rewrite their future with the Stories For Good project.

Rose Womelsdorf, Rosie the Writerer

Rose writes words as wacky as you are. Punch up your email copy with personality (and a great Rosie the Riveter reference). And if you’re thinking, “But I’m not wacky or witty!?!” Never fear! Rose’s got plenty of personality for the both of ya.

Ami Williamson, Damn Write

With a name like Damn Write, you probably already suspect that Ami delivers the goods. Want clients who are begggggging to work with you? Yeah, she does that. Damn write.

Sara Frandina

Sara is a certified conversion copywriter, so she’s pretty much a big deal. Wanna sell out your next launch? Get Sara on your team. Check out her post on crushing your conversion rate.

Samantha Pollock, Cult of Personality

Samantha will ride in on her motorcycle (or at least wear the jacket) and write emails that inspire a cult following. That said, Samantha’s allergic to online slime so if you want to break the mold of smarmy eDouchery, you should give her a call.

Katie Elzer-Peters, The Garden of Words

A copywriter who’s also a bestselling author? Get a load o’ Katie. She can help you write your copy and your next book. That’s a one stop shop if I ever saw one.

Laura Luck

Laura is a UX copywriter who connects humans with tech. You don’t have to be a big brand to benefit from UX, y’all. Check out her Free UX Copywriting Course and see for yourself.

Jill Pond

Pond, Jill Pond. (You’ll never forget that, am I right?) Jill is the copywriter for outliers, rebels, and rule-breakers. (Hey girl, what’s up?) And she looks damn good in a tux.

Lianna Patch, Punchline Copy

Lianna’s logo sports a rubber chicken. Need I say more? And she’s got funny copy on lock. You may have caught her speaking on how to be funny (even if you’re not). Give her a ring if you want a copywriter who specializes in sass + saas.

Say Gabriel, Anansi Content

Calling all digital agencies! Want to get copy and content before the end of the century? Say’s team will expand your agency with white label content services. Their process is airtight. Never wait for clients to turn in content again!

Rachael Kay Albers

Rachael Kay Albers is a creative director, business comedian, and brand strategist gone wild. She writes and performs about branding, pop culture, tech, and identity. When she’s not muckraking about marketing, Rachael runs RKA ink, a reinvention studio and branding agency for businesses that burn the rulebook. She's also on Instagram a lot.