Marketing Muckraking podcast with Rachael Kay Albers - what is brand culture doing to us?

Marketing Muckraking with Rachael Kay Albers is the show for rebels, revolutionaries, and renegades who run businesses that burn the rulebook. It's the podcast that asks, not simply what brand culture can do for us, but what it’s doing to us.

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6 Figure Masterminds, Marie Forleo, and The Syndicate - The Online Business Family Tree Episode of Marketing Muckraking, Part 2

Part 2: Six Figure Masterminds, Marie Forleo, and The Syndicate

In Part 2 of the Online Business Family Tree, we cover 6 figure masterminds, Marie Forleo, the Syndicate, and how early Internet marketers brought mind control & manipulation online.

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The online business family tree

This four-part Marketing Muckraking series explores how the Online Business Industrial Complex was built. I'm joined by Lisa Robbin Young as we trace back how we arrived at this moment in internet marketing and online business, and who are the key leaders who brought us here.

Marketing needs more muckrakers.

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Marketing Muckraking Podcast with Rachael Kay Albers

About the Marketing Muckraking podcast

Welcome to Marketing Muckraking, the show that asks not simply what brand culture can do for us, but what it’s doing to us — with your host, creative director, brand strategist gone wild, and the court jester of online business, Rachael Kay Albers — making fun of business and making business fun.

This is the show for rebels, revolutionaries, and renegades who run businesses that burn the rulebook. If you’re sick of business podcasts with all the answers — I’ve got nothing but questions.

Where we swap B School for FREE SCHOOL, easy for honest, and goal digging for marketing in pursuit of meaning.

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