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7-Figure Launch Secrets & The Truth About “Scaling” Your Business

This episode was originally published as an essay on my blog on April 7, 2022. Read the full text transcript of "7-Figure Launch Secrets."

The online business world is obsessed with 7-figure launch numbers and "scaling" your business model or, as they would have us believe, we're "leaving money on the table."

Small business owners mistakenly believe that once they've polished and validated their offerings, the only way to grow is to take themselves out of the equation, automate, evergreen, and sell to thousands.

When those thousands don't come (or they do come and they complain about the value of the program not matching its testimonials), folks feel that they've done something wrong. Maybe it's the ad targeting? Or the copywriting? Or some other "easy" marketing tweakaroo that can launch them into the 7-figure stratosphere?

But the "wrong" isn't the business owner or their's the belief that a 7-figure launch is just "one funnel away."

And, ultimately, it comes down to the fact that some businesses have no business being scaled. There's a lot more to a 7-figure launch than crafting a valuable offer and then throwing a few bucks at Zuck in hopes that his ad robots will serve you up to the right willing buyers.

In this episode of Marketing Muckraking, I break down the 7 secrets to a 7-figure launch...and why you don't want one.

And the beautiful monster at the end of this episode is my alternative to "scaling" that doesn't include you withdrawing from your business and watching the dollars pour in while you smugly sip your $7 marg on tropical shores.

What I can tell you is that, yes! There is a way to save time and energy while still offering your customers and clients personal attention. Listen for the full scoop.

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