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one weird trick

that gives your business



It's me

The one woman showstopper who teaches you there is no stupid trick. More on this later.

The average person thinks about sex 8 times a day. They'll think about you 9.

Scratch that. It's not about you as much as the vision you have for a better world. Standing out is fun and all, but spreading meaningful ideas that have people talking and taking action is where the magic happens. The difference between a passing glance - and a ground shaking shift in perspective?


One little word that turns your casual followers into critical thinkers who turn the questions you ask into their own answers.

So, forget the X-factor


do you have

The U-Factor

Unforgettability boosts your Gettability.

As in: Get more signed contracts, PR opportunities, and sold-out stages where people are seeking you out for your expertise and your disruptive take on how to do things better.*

*No gel-slicked combover, rented Lambos, or manipulative sales tactics required.

Because when it comes to being listened to, selling your stuff, and making a name for your business…

The Brads* can shove their bulletproof coffees. There's an unsleazy way to grow.

While all the "gurus" are pedaling formulas for earning 7 figures from your toilet seat, I teach you to take the pages from their dated playbooks and set fire to the status quo.

You don't need to launch more, hustle harder, or do it ALL.

You just need to crack the code on what makes you, your content, and your vision for our changing world most memorable.

And the only rule you really need to know?

Is that there are none.

Never settle for

thinking outside the box

strap the box to a firecracker

and watch that sucker 'splode

I’m Rachael Kay Albers and I teach the latter.

I won’t bore you with regurgitated marketing theories from 1996 or long-winded anecdotes about how you're just "one funnel away" from joining the three comma club.

In fact, I won’t bore you ever.

What will I do? Show you how to build your brand in a way that feels good in your guts (and puts cash in your bank account).

My approach to business includes a critical analysis of what capitalism and brand culture are doing to us, and how we can be agents of change. No, I don't believe there's an "easy" marketing swap to make you an ethical billionaire. We can do better.

Rachael-Kay-Albers-Business-Comedian (1)

Hey I'm RKA! Think of me as your one-woman SNL of business comedy who pours Pop Rocks in your Perrier.

Listen to Rachael's show "Marketing Muckraking," the podcast that asks what brand culture is doing to us
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