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2-Day Branding & Marketing Retreats

For entrepreneurs who don’t just think outside the box — they set fire to it!

1:1 Retreats with RKA

Where your big ideas meet my bold vision for branding and marketing that puts you on the map.

And on the bestseller lists, the big stages, and everybody's damn radar who needs you.

So, you’ve been wanting to work with me but you’re waiting for a sign. This is it.

I’ve taken the best of my signature RKA INK brand and marketing experience and turned it into a 2-day retreat, where we work together IRL to plot your path to unforgettability.

RKA-Retreat-Queen (1)

Come to my Home Office Palace and I'll give you the royal treatment.

Picture this — you, me, and a rainbow explosion of action steps to your brand’s next pot of gold.

Oh wait! You are the pot of gold. And we want to make sure your favorite people find you, work with you, and keep bringing more incredible folks your way. We want people to remember you — for all the right reasons.

Because, what is a brand? Well, it’s a memory.

It’s how your people feel when they do business with you. It’s what they think about when your name pops up in their feed or their inbox. It’s much more than a logo and color palette — though, we’ll talk about that, too — it’s the total experience of working with you. (Think of your brand visuals as the way you decorate the space you rent in their heads!)

You're on the rise. I help you rise to the occasion.

In our two-day retreat, we’ll work together to plan how to make memories with your audience and your customers:

Part I: Your Brand Core

How You Want to Be Remembered:

We'll help uncover your core values, what makes you special, differentiates you from the competition, and defines who you are, and how you want your audience to feel about and remember your brand. We’ll discuss:

Your core brand messaging highlights: your mission and vision, brand values, positioning, and the keywords and content topics that support your brand message

Your brand's visual language: your fonts, colors, photography, and suggested improvements for your key design assets like your website, email marketing, and social media

Part 2: Your Marketing Flywheel

How you'll make memories with customers:

We'll zero in on the marketing flywheel you need to spin up to make this your year of unforgettability. We’ll discuss:

Your marketing goals: your short term and long term vision and how you'll measure success

Your flywheel: how you'll nurture customers before, during, and after the sale through your website, email marketing, social media, and advertising

Your marketing toolbox: we'll lay out the assets you need to create in 2023 and beyond to implement your marketing flywheel, from brand elements like photography to content like blog posts/landing pages and videos to lead magnets, emails, and social posts. 

Bonus: we’ll laugh, we may even cry, and we’ll have a ton of fun together.

This two-day retreat is equal parts work and play.

I do not offer this experience virtually because part of the pot of gold at the end of my rainbow is the magic of being together in the same room, making fun of business, and making business fun.

Come luxuriate in the Home Office Palace with me and I’ll also treat you to dinner on the town, morning coffee in my favorite cozy spot, and long working walks in this adorable riverside spot — that’s only one hour from Chicago! (So, if you want to go explore the big city, you can do that, too!)

My clients love to treat this as a getaway, where they can relax into getting shit done and make space for just full on relaxing. That’s why I made this two days instead of one! So we can relax into our time together, laugh it up, drill down, with plenty of room for creativity and play.

Don't want the fun to end?

It doesn’t! After your 2-day retreat, we’ll meet for two follow-up virtual sessions, where I support you in taking action.

And if you love all the ideas we come up with in our time together, but need help with implementation — my reinvention studio RKA INK has your back. We can help you write new copy, design a new brand and website, and support you in the ongoing work of making memories with your customers.

How do I plan our time together?

Before you arrive for our retreat, the process kicks off with a comprehensive Vision & Strategy Workshop.

You get access to your own client strategy dashboard, where you can take your time and move through the Vision & Strategy workshop on your own. The workshop is a deep dive into the business and marketing foundations I’ll use to better understand your business and guide our days together.

You'll complete two assignments leading up to our retreat. (Yes, you have homework! How else can I become your brand’s BFF?!)

Business plan: your mission, vision, audience, market landscape, and core offerings

Marketing system: your current marketing flywheel before, during, and after the sale 

Then, we’ll meet for a 90 minute session to clarify exactly what you need to make the retreat most meaningful to you and I will dive into the world of your brand, research your current business structure and industry landscape, and start brainstorming how to best position you in it to achieve unforgettability.


Where do you stay?

Midwestern charm, big city perks

I recommend The Herrington Inn & Spa in Geneva, Illinois — a charming, European-style hotel with a restaurant and spa, room service, and riverside views. (So, if you’re excited about this, let’s have a conversation sooner rather than later, because it’s a popular spot and books up fast!)

You can fly into O’Hare or Midway airport and I’ll be there to pick you up — you’ll know me because I’m the one in rainbow stripes waving my arms enthusiastically at the Arrivals gate!

Geneva, Illinois is 40 miles west of Chicago and it’s where city slickers come to unwind, dine, shop, and escape the hustle and bustle of The Windy City. There are oodles of restaurants, pubs, and coffee houses within steps of The Herrington. And you’ll be minutes away from my Home Office Palace, where we’ll get down to business.

The Herrington Inn Geneva IL

What's a Home Office Palace?!

Our technicolor dream space to work & play

I’ve designed an entire floor of my home to support and inspire my work — and allow me to host you here, too! Think rainbows, comfy couches, a fridge stocked with your favorite snacks, and even room to do cartwheels if that’s what you’re into. (Personally, I like to blast yacht rock and dance like no one’s watching to get into the creative groove.) Check out the Home Office Palace Instagram for a peek at where we’ll be working and playing together.


What are the dollars and cents of it all?

This experience starts at $4,000

Your two-day experience starts at $4,000 includes our time together, strategy prep beforehand, a 90-minute planning session, access to my Vision & Strategy workshop, and two follow-up sessions.

Why “starts at”? Because, hey! I’d love to plan a photoshoot or create a customized branding and marketing manual for you. That’s why we need to talk, so we can figure out what makes the most sense for your business right now.

Just want the two-day retreat? That’ll be $4,000. Or we can add more goodies. This isn’t a one size fits all experience, so let’s tailor it to what you need most.

I'm in! Where do I sign up, RKA?!

If you want to make some unforgettable memories together, I’m offering 1:1 retreats to a select group of people this year. Before you book your trip, let’s see if we’re a good fit. (Because how awkward would it be if we weren’t a match?! No one wants to fly all the way to Chicago for weird vibes and uncomfortable small talk.)

Let's make sure this retreat is right for you.

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