My live workshops are the most fun you'll have on the clock.

Get unforgettable, have fun, and build a viral-ready body of work with your favorite wild card creative director and brand strategist gone wild. (That's me!)

The #1 business GIF workshop that will teach you how to make, use, and leverage GIFs to grow your brand. Next live training with 2023 GIF updates coming soon!

3 live workshops + bonus Q&A sessions with RKA in an intimate setting. Think of it as a party with a purpose. Build your body of work, have fun, and get unforgettable.

GIF University Class of 2023 is in session! Learn how to make GIFs for your business and get them found where it matters. (Like Instagram, because I know you want that IG GIF flex.)

WHAT: Immediate access to the video training + step-by-step written GIF guides to walk you through my best free GIF hacks and resources. Prepare to live in gifamy!

WHERE: Grab the course here.

WHAT YOU NEED: All you need is a smart phone with a camera on it!

WHO'S IT FOR: Entrepreneurs, small business owners, marketers, and creators who want an ace up their sleeve for fun, creative marketing their customers won't forget. Must enjoy mirth & merriment. Wet blankets need not apply.

It's a party with a purpose! This workshop trio covers my favorite foundations for brand unforgettability. With bonus Q&A sessions in an intimate setting. I'll be announcing the next round of live workshops for mid 2023 soon! Get on the wait list:

It's a workshop party! 

Put Your Big Idea on the Payroll: How to Take ONE Idea And Turn It Into a Runaway Content Train

Your best ideas could be working harder for you. Learn how to take a single piece of content and turn it from "one and done" to generating a steady stream of traffic and interest. It's not about creating MORE content. It's about getting more OUT of your content!

Don’t Leave Funny on the Table: How Your Brand Can Embrace Humor (Even If You Swear “But, I’m Not Funny!”)

Your brand needs to tap into its funny bone. Why? Not because I said so, but because humor is a vital part of the human experience. Learn easy ways to make your brand funnier, even if you swear you’re “not a funny person” OR your business is “too serious” to benefit from fun ’n’ games. (Not a thing. I’ll fight you on this.) When you leave funny on the table, you leave money on the table.

Design a Video Set They Won’t Forget: Build a Gorgeous, Branded Backdrop No Matter The Size of Your Space (Or Budget)

Make your video set an extension of your brand experience. I’m so excited to share all my secrets with you and bring you behind the scenes of creating 7+ different video sets all with limited space, budget, and time. With bonus support for green screens + designing your own virtual Zoom backgrounds.

I'll be announcing the next round of mid 2023 live workshops soon! Get on the wait list: