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#2. Portrait Of The Artist As An Unhinged Woman: The Making of FREE SCHOOL

This episode, originally entitled, "Rach, You Ok? Srsly. We're CONCERNED," was recorded as a live video on Instagram on March 1, 2021. (The same day I recorded the spontaneous rough draft of my one woman musical comedy extravaganza-ish situation. You really had to be there. Luckily, you can. It's Episode #1.)

This was only a few weeks after I started FREE SCHOOL, which I deemed "the greatest biz art experiment of all time." Partly as a dare to myself, partly as a wink to the lavish, overhyped promises of the industry. I'm in branding, remember? 😉

As I leaned into this experiment, I dared myself to say yes to every idea, letting that be my creative fuel, and letting that fuel drive my business.

But this quickly became much more than a business experiment.

I recorded this live video in response to questions I received about my mental health, after I started FREE SCHOOL, and a few weeks later, announced my divorce in an unconventional way.

I announced my divorce the same day I announced that I was writing a book, Saw This Coming A Mile Away, and I posted the book cover on Facebook and Instagram as my way of telling the world about both.

And my goal to have what I called “The Happiest Divorce on Earth” and rebrand divorce for myself.

What happened next was a flurry of phone calls and DMs from folks wondering if I hadn’t just…lost my mind?

Strangers were diagnosing me in the DMs.

Folks I see a few times a year were insisting I must be in a manic state, urging me to take medication that I am not prescribed.

My local women’s group sent the police to my house for a “wellness check.”

And that was only Part I — stay tuned for what happened in April.

This whole time, my mental health wasn’t treated with love or compassion. It was treated like a criminal investigation. The word “manic” was used as an accusation and even a subtle threat while cloaked in the word “concern.” And my experience isn’t uncommon. It is the rule.

I struggled with whether to share this or not. I even posted it, and then took it down, and here I am again with a different edit and a new intro.

Ultimately, I’m publishing this at the end of Mental Health Awareness month and that’s part of why I decided to include it.

Because we’re all healing within this broken system. And healing is messy. And if we hide that mess from each other, well, then we create a culture of people who don’t know how to process pain.

And that’s a culture that weaponizes mental health as yet another form of social control. Specifically with women.

It’s a feature, not a glitch.

Sweep the mess under the rug and then we’ll all just keep buying more and more potions and elixirs to keep the rug looking and smelling clean as a whistle.

Well, I think this whistle was made for blowing.

These early episodes of Making Fun of Business are an audio scrapbook of my experience running FREE SCHOOL and breaking free in a big, messy, blaze of rainbow glory from everything holding me back from myself. When I started it, I thought I was burning down the bullshit in my industry, but then the fire spread into my family and my marriage and then I discovered who my friends were — and weren’t.

This episode is a part of the story. It’s a snapshot in the scrapbook of a woman, a margarita, Mariah Carey, and a messy moment in time. This is why I did FREE SCHOOL. Thanks for being here.

Come to spy on me, stay because I'm hilarious. Bonus! This episode throws in:

Why Big Clarity is a myth and confusing your audience is the wave of the future

This just in: I'm an elder geriatric millennial because the only reference point I have for "glamorous ladies of today" is...Heather Locklear?

How to make my doctor fall in love with you so you can bring me down

UNSTUCK AS F*** (You'll have to listen to figure out what the asterisks stand for!) 

Exploring the eternal mystery around how women make the transition from their late thirties to being a quirky old lady?! 

The Happiest Divorce on Earth? 

The shower that convinced me to write a memoir that also happens to make fun of Rachel Hollis (pre-order Saw This Coming A Mile Away)

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