Making Fun

#1. Saw This Coming A Mile Away: Rough Draft of A One Woman Musical Extravaganza-ish Situation

Travel back in time to the beginning of FREE SCHOOL, for this one woman musical comedy recorded (and completely improvised) live on Instagram on 3/1/2021.

I had just announced my book, Saw This Coming A Mile Away, and here are the receipts because this episode predicted the future of FREE SCHOOL, touching on everything from The Game by pickup artist Neil Strauss to everyone’s favorite MAGA daddy, James Wedmore, to how I married the wrong man 365 times.

And did I predict Rachel Hollis’ latest scandal a month in advance?

How about Jenna Kutcher coming into my DMs and gaslighting me so I’d shut up already?

Or a bunch of well meaning, left leaning white women calling the cops because I veered from Live Laugh Love culture and that must mean I’m “manic,” mentally ill, and must be medicated???

Yeah. I predicted it all.

Plus, a rousing rendition of “God Bless Bezmerica” and an RKA’s History of the United States of America, loosely inspired by Howard Zinn and the skinny noodle men who colonized the country in the name of eventually building lots of Targets. 

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