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#3. Gaslighting 101: You’re A Gaslighter And I Am, Too

Content Warning:
This episode covers sensitive topics including discussions of abuse. 

This episode, originally entitled "Loving The Gaslighter Within," was recorded live on Instagram on March 3, 2021.

The day I recorded this, I had shared my story on Facebook of healing from generational trauma and abuse in my family and how the systems I was taught to trust growing up, had let me down. 

And how all of this goes back to gaslighting. 

This episode blurs the lines between “personal” and “business” and that’s why I decided it was important to include it in this podcast scrapbook of burning it all down and building a better way.

Because gaslighting isn’t a problem that clocks in or clocks out. 

“Business” is a fancy way of way of saying how modern humans meet each other’s needs in the marketplace. Who’s your daddy? Capitalism. Yeah. And Jeff Bezos.

And if the Bez is our capitalist daddy, GirlBoss culture is our big sister and she loves gaslighting even more than fedoras and getting unstuck. 

Oh, what is gaslighting you ask?

Google will give you its own version — manipulating someone into questioning their sanity — but I have my own take. And that’s what we’re talking about in this episode.

If “business” is how we meet each other’s needs in the marketplace, gaslighting warps our sense of what we need to begin with. 

Gaslight. Gatekeep. GirlBoss. 

And speaking of the GirlBoss next door, little did I know, when I recorded this episode that a month later, I would be personally gaslit by the big sister of GirlBossdom herself, Jenna Kutcher. Yeah. That’s why you gotta subscribe to this show. Come to figure out what the hell is going on here, stay for the Kutchinator. I can call her that, she’s basically my ex. I’ll explain in a few episodes. 

For now, consider this episode a joint study session in The School of Gaslighting, where we're reviewing:

🔥 How to identify gaslighting

🔥 Who are the gaslighters?

🔥 The most important step in eradicating gaslighting

The 3 types of people who struggle to identify gaslighting:

1️⃣ Someone who hasn’t been harmed BADLY enough by gaslighting to need to identify what it is and why it’s happening to them

2️⃣ Someone who’s being ACTIVELY gaslit

3️⃣ The gaslighter themselves

But here’s where it gets a little wild, so stay with me:




1️⃣ Living in a gaslighting world

2️⃣ Being gaslit

3️⃣ Gaslighting others

Gaslighting is so finely woven into the fabric of our system, most of us can barely spot it anymore. Because it feels normal.

Because it is normal.

Gaslighting isn't someone else's problem. It's not something that other people do. It's our problem. And fixing it starts with finding, loving, and forgiving the gaslighter within.

Thank you to Dr. Paul Holmes of The Emotion Management Program for changing my life and helping me save it.

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