Fight Faith With Fear and Patrick Swayze

Fight Fear With Faith (And A Lil’ Patrick Swayze)

By Rachael Kay Albers / September 15, 2012 /

Awesomepreneur confession: I am afraid. Popular philosophy says fear is a bad thing, mostly because it is such a hungry little monster it can consume your whole life if you let it. I know. Because I am afraid. This morning I had a heart-to-heart with a fellow awesomepreneur, Javier, a foreign language teacher living in…

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Turn Your Office Into A “Spa”-ffice

By Rachael Kay Albers / September 10, 2012 /

Somewhere between hunting, gathering, and cube farming, we surrendered to the idea that hard work is synonymous with discomfort. Take the contemporary corporate “uniform,” for example: Who decided that neckties and nylons made people more productive and professional? (This guy.) For most live action Monopoly players, when we don’t leave work frazzled, sore, and exhausted,…

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Get a Theme Song

Your Business Needs a Theme Song

By Rachael Kay Albers / September 7, 2012 /

Last month, when my head started to sizzle (fried egg, remember?) my mentor suggested I find a theme song to energize and empower myself as an awesomepreneur. Each year, he chooses a new theme song to boost his mindset and guide his business. I was all over this musical “assignment.”  I turned up my virtual boombox and began searching…

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Dance More Salsa

Take More Breaks, Dance More Salsa

By Rachael Kay Albers / September 4, 2012 /

For the last month, I’ve been buried in projects, the latest being my own re-design, which just about melted my brain. After finishing a big batch of new designs, I immediately started re-building RKA ink with a cruel, self-imposed deadline of a “few days” (see my maiden post) for graphics, design, content, and re-branding. Um,…

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